Fire Rated Door


We Import and Supply Fire Steel Doors, 3 Hr Fire Rating, ANSI/UL 10C & CAN/ULC-S104. Various types, styles, finish: Single Doors, Double Doors, Flush Doors, Flush with Vision Panels, Embossed Doors, Powder Finish, Wood Grain Finish as well as various types of hardware are available upon request. 2 Hr Fire Steel Doors and Non-Fire Steel Doors are also available upon request to fulfill most requirements.



Available upon request up to maximum 1200mm X 2400mm (for Single Door) and 2400mm X 2400mm (for Double Door)

Fire Rating

3 hours in accordance with ANSI/UL 10C & CAN/ULC-S104

Door Style

Flush Style, Flush Style with Vision Panel, Embossed Style

Door Type

Single Door, Double Door

Vision Panel

Optional (Maximum exposed area of glazing is 100 square inches)

  • Automatic Gas Suppression System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • ↠ Co2 Type Extinguisher
  • ↠ Dry Type Extinguisher steel
  • ↠ Foam Type Extinguisher
  • Digital CCTV System
  • PAVA System
  • Access & Attendance Control System

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